Do you want to change your hairstyle and feel unique ? It’s decided, you’re finally going to get a new haircut ! It’s at this point that you’re still a little apprehensive about what kind of haircut you’ll choose.

To guide you, we have 15 hairstyle ideas to inspire you.

Coiffer cheveux ™ | Hairstyle inspirations for short, medium and long hair

On short hair

The pixie cut

Do you want to highlight your face and give it character ? Then this extra short cut is for you ! You can give it different styles depending on your mood : classic, rock or asymmetric. Be aware, however, that this cut requires regular maintenance at the hairdresser’s.

The bob

This modern style bob is suitable for all types of faces. Very easy to style, this cut will give you a chic and relaxed look.

Wild curls

Do you have curly hair ? Then this cut is for you ! By playing with the different types of curls, you can give your haircut a unique style.

The pixie bob

This hybrid cut is a mix of the pixie cut and the bob. It will reveal your personality. Whether you style it sideways for a chic look, simply wave it for a wiser side, or shave one side for a more rebellious look, anything goes !

The bob with fringes

Do you want to change your look gently ? The bob with fringe will allow you to experiment with a short haircut without taking too many risks.

Coiffer cheveux ™ | Hairstyle inspirations for short, medium and long hair

Medium-length hair

The middle parting

This symmetrical hairstyle will give you a classic yet elegant look.

The square cut

This timeless and universal haircut is suitable for all types of faces and hair. Whether wavy or smooth, it is sure to bring softness to your face by gently framing it.

The long bob

Here, we take the bob but in a longer version. Many celebrities have adopted it, which makes this cut very trendy.

The colour

Here, we’re going to play with the colour by giving an ombré effect to the hair, which will bring a nice gradation and will certainly energize your cut. Whether it’s on curly, wavy or straight hair, the effect is guaranteed !

The voluminous fringe

Thanks to the length of your hair, you can create a voluminous fringe that, when styled sideways, will add style to your hairstyle.

Coiffer cheveux ™ | Hairstyle inspirations for short, medium and long hair

Long hair

The long bob

Who said the bob was only for medium-length hair? With long hair, it will give your hairstyle a retro chic look.

The asymmetric cut

By playing with the lengths and gradients, this singular cut will undoubtedly seduce the most daring among you. It’s a trendy hairstyle that’s very easy to style.

Toupet and curls

For a bohemian effect, this wavy hairstyle will suit you perfectly ! To frame your face even more, you can add a toupee or fringes.


The layered effect will give your hairstyle a light, casual feel. For a styled look without looking styled, this hairstyle is a must.

Wavy hair

This slightly wavy hairstyle will bring a bohemian chic style to your hair while remaining natural. To enhance the waves, you can opt for a balayage.

So which style will you adopt ?