If you want to change your hairstyle without going to the hairdresser then we have the solution. Hair accessories are like jewellery, they enhance your look and give you a glamorous touch. They’re not just details, but they give you a real edge.

To accessorise your hairstyle, your hair should not be too clean so that the accessories stick to your hair. Start by detangling your hair and you’re ready to go !

The headband (headband-scarf-ribbon) 

You can wear it on loose or tied hair by twisting a few strands around it carelessly. The hairstyle should not be too sophisticated to keep the natural look of the headband. You can wear your hair up without looking like a headband, for a bohemian-chic look.

The barrette 

The barrette allows you to delicately clear your face. The ideal is to place it to the side. To do this, make a side parting by smoothing your hair and place your barrette at the temple. When it comes to choosing a hair clip, you can choose from a variety of styles : simple, glittery or patterned, depending on the style you want to give your hair.

The bun pick

It couldn’t be easier ! Take an ordinary pencil and wrap it around your hair and then poke it into your hair. This will give you a nice, unkempt banana bun. 

The scrunchie

Available in a variety of colours and patterns, the scrunchie will look great on a high ponytail or bun. Easy to place, it will give a fun touch to your hairstyle. 

It’s up to you to let your imagination run wild !