Who said that jewellery was only for ears, neck, hands and wrists ? There are also a multitude of hair jewellery items that are sure to dress up and enhance your hairstyle !

Depending on the occasion (wedding, communion, birthday), there is a wide choice to choose from and it will add a chic touch to your look.

Girly barettes

They can be adorned with pearls or rhinestones, the objective here is to put several of them on and position them randomly according to your inspiration of the moment. A very delicate hairstyle.

Coiffer cheveux ™ | Hair jewelleries

A ribbon

The idea is to integrate a coloured or patterned ribbon into your hair either by twisting strands around it or by integrating it into a loose braid. Bohemian effect guaranteed !

A foulchie

Although the name is a little less glamorous, this is a classic scrunchie but with a bow-shaped ribbon attached to it. You can make either a half ponytail or a high ponytail and tie your hair with the foulchie. This will definitely give your hairstyle a playful look.

Coiffer cheveux ™ | Hair jewelleries

Hair rings

Yes, rings are not just for your fingers, you can also put them in your hair. The aim here is to take a sufficiently large strand of hair, braid it and integrate several rings by wrapping them around it. You can also make a wide side braid and then put the rings in, which will take a little time, but the result is absolutely beautiful. 

Coiffer cheveux ™ | Hair jewelleries

Headband with pearls or rhinestones

Very easy to place, the headband can simply be placed on loose or tied hair. Decorated with pearls or rhinestones, it is self-sufficient.

Jewel elastics

These are elastics decorated with an accessory such as a flower, a butterfly, a star… that you will attach in your hair. It’s the detail that makes all the difference !  

Hair chain

It looks just like a classic chain except that it is simply placed on the hair. Often, it will fall slightly on the forehead and thus come to dress it by making your look hypnotic. To be reserved for special occasions, otherwise it might be too much. 

Hait tattoo

These are temporary tattoos to be applied to the hair. Remember to straighten your hair beforehand so that the result is better. A touch of glamour guaranteed !

Now all you have to do is make your choice and feel radiant !