So that choosing your bridal hairstyle doesn’t have to be a headache, we’ve come up with some easy-to-follow inspiration.

Coiffer cheveux ™|Bridal hairstyles

The loops

To do this, get a large diameter curling iron and make beautiful, wide curls. Then spray a little hairspray to set it and relax your curls slightly by running your fingers through your hair.


Coiffer cheveux ™|Bridal hairstyles

The loose bun

Pull your hair back to the back of your head and secure it in a low bun. This will keep your face and neck clear. There’s nothing to stop you from accessorising your bun for added flair.


Coiffer cheveux ™|Bridal hairstyles

The crown of flowers

You can place a flower crown over your hairstyle to give it a bohemian touch.


Coiffer cheveux ™|Bridal hairstyles

The wavy

Curl your hair and then comb it through. Secure the waves with clips to lock them in place once the style has cooled. Don’t forget to set it with hairspray.

The bun

Pull your hair back to the back of your head and secure it in a high bun to be accessorised of course.


Coiffer cheveux ™|Bridal hairstyles

The hair jewel

Made of sequins, pearls and flowers, it is a beautiful addition to any hairstyle.

The loose braid

Make a classic French braid and then soften it. Fix with hairspray.


Coiffer cheveux ™|Bridal hairstyles

The low ponytail

Pull your hair back to the back of your head and tie it into a low ponytail, either with an elastic band or a more sophisticated clip.

The barrette

You can place it anywhere you like as long as it is noticed. You can also place several of them to brighten up your hairstyle even more.


Coiffer cheveux ™|Bridal hairstyles

The braided crown

Make a braid that will frame your face or sideways if you want a more discreet touch.


Coiffer cheveux ™|Bridal hairstyles

Beads or flowers in the hair

You can add a few pearls or flowers to your hairstyle to give it some brightness.

The veil

Less imposing than the veil, you can put a veil on your hairstyle. 

The side braid

Bring all your hair to one side and make a classic French braid. Side hair glamour guaranteed.


Coiffer cheveux ™|Bridal hairstyles

The crown

You’re the queen of the day, so why not allow yourself to wear a crown. Keep it simple, though, or you might overdo it.

Plated roots

Simply tuck your roots in and tie your hair at the nape of your neck.

Feel free to look at catalogues, Pinterest or Instagram for inspiration.