Easy to wear, especially in summer, the scarf will undoubtedly bring a trendy and original touch to your hairstyle. With an infinite number of patterns and colours, it can be attached in different ways depending on the effect you want to achieve.

Coiffer cheveux ™ | Hairstyles with a scarf


Straighten your hair and place your scarf over your hair to make a headband. You can either tie it at the nape of your neck or on top of your head in a pin-up style.

Around a bohemian-chic bun, half-tail or ponytail

Simply tie the scarf around a loose bun, half-tail or high ponytail. It will instantly enhance your hairstyle.

In a braid

Whatever type of braid you choose, the aim is to integrate the scarf into it. This will give you an original and colourful braid.

Coiffer cheveux ™ | Hairstyles with a scarf

As a bandana

Fold the scarf in half to form a triangle and tie it under the neck for a relaxed effect.

Coiffer cheveux ™ | Hairstyles with a scarf

In a turban

Same as the bandana except that you tie the knot at the ears.

Lightweight, the scarf will bring fantasy and light to your hairstyles.