The braid is a classic hairstyle and never goes out of fashion. Practical, loose or sophisticated, did you know that it can be done in many different ways ? Here are some ideas to inspire you.

The waterfall braid

Start by doing a classic French braid down the front and one side of your head. Continue braiding, dropping the bottom strand each time and adding another strand of hair to replace it. Finally, secure it with hair clips.

The fishtail braid

Divide your hair into two equal parts and then take a strand from the back of one part and bring it to the front of the other part. Repeat the process and secure with an elastic band.

The classic French braid

Take a section of hair from the front and divide it into 3 strands. Then braid it, adding more hair as you go until you reach the end, finishing by tying it off with an elastic band.

The New York braid

A classic French braid is made and tied. Then loosen the strands, starting at the bottom. Then include this braid in a ponytail.

The cascading braid

Twist each strand of hair on itself, adding new strands and finishing by rolling up the rest.

The hybrid French braid

Start with a French braid on the top of the head but with two strands. When you reach the nape of the neck, you can tie your hair. 

The French braid

Start with a classic side braid. Once you have reached the nape of the neck, finish with a fishtail braid.

The crown braid

Make a classic French braid that frames your face and ends in either a bun or a low ponytail.

The reverse braid with bun

Do a classic French braid but start from the nape of the neck upwards. Finish with a bun.

The braided updo

Braid one side of your head and put them together in a loose bun.

It’s up to you !