You want to change your style without cutting your hair ? It’s perfectly possible by adopting a trendy hair color.

Hair coloring will allow you to enhance your appearance, stand out from the crowd by finding your style and feel good about yourself while adding a touch of originality.

Here are different hair colors to help you make your choice. You will see that they are all nuanced and will all bring in their own way a unique side to your look.


Coiffer cheveux ™ | Trendy hair colors 2022

Chocolate brown

Although the base color is dark, the warm glow of chocolate will enhance the complexion. The effect is deep and warm at the same time.

Caramel mocha

This color will tend to warm up a fairly pale complexion. Between chestnut and red, it will illuminate your face and give you an instant healthy glow. What more could you ask for !

Coiffer cheveux ™ | Trendy hair colors 2022

Honey blonde

The blonde color is rather warm with golden highlights. Softer than caramel mocha, it is suitable for both brunettes and blondes.

Raven black

More particular than the other colours, raven black may be more suitable for those who are not too light-skinned and risk looking like a vampire and having a bad complexion. A colour with character, it must be wearable.

Coiffer cheveux ™ | Trendy hair colors 2022

Flaming red

For a fiery mane, opt for a fiery red. This intense colour will bring intensity to your complexion. You’ll look radiant and certainly won’t go unnoticed.

So which colouring is your favourite ?